Why Online Tuition is Better Than Offline Tuition?

I have a question for you before I start talking about online tuition. Why not education in this digital era, when everything is going digital?

Parents all over the world are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that their children receive the greatest education possible. Parents want to provide extra learning support in the form of private tuitions because competition is fierce. With the advancement of technology, Online Tuition has grown in popularity because it is no longer necessary for the teacher and the student to meet face to face in order to share knowledge.

The rising popularity of online tuition has put parents in a quandary about whether they should choose online tuition or regular coaching programmes for their children. You might be able to solve this problem using wedoedu online classes, which are combined with cutting-edge technology. As you browse down this page, though, you will learn more about the advantages of online tutoring.

When compared to traditional tuition, online tuition offers its own set of advantages. In this blog, I’ve listed ten essential benefits of online tutoring to assist parents in making the best selection for their children.

Learn From The Best Teachers: Choose Math instead of Science if you want online math tutoring. Before you choose the best online teacher, you may look at the teacher’s ratings and student reviews on wedoedu. If you don’t like the lesson, you can switch teachers without paying any additional money, but this is not the case in offline coaching classes.

Enjoy a flexible schedule: learn LIVE – whenever and wherever you want. You determine how much time you wish to devote to learning in online tuitions. The courses are created in accordance with the curriculum. At wedoedu, the teachers ensure that their pupils are not overburdened while learning!

Will you get such flexibility in offline coaching that you are getting in online tuition?

Absolutely NO!

Save Time: It’s great to be ambitious and focused on getting good grades, but time is a commodity that no student can afford. You have to go long distances to acquire the greatest tuition in offline tuitions, which means you are wasting time commuting back and forth. Because you will be taking lessons over the internet, online tuition allows you to save time.

You’ll also have some more time for self-study or leisure activities!

Sounds Good?

Comfort + Parent Supervision: With online tuitions, parents may monitor whether or not their children are receiving a suitable education. Furthermore, research demonstrate that familiar surroundings and home comfort can help promote effective and meaningful learning. It aids in the improvement of focus and concentration. Do you want to lose out on these opportunities?

Teachers do PTM quarterly to share student progress with parents, as wedoedu, an online tuition platform, ensures. Parents can offer their input with the instructor through a progress report, which helps track their child’s progress.

Save Money: When compared to offline tuition or coaching classes, online tuition is less expensive. When you choose online tuition, you won’t have to travel after you get home from school.

Indian parents, on average, spend nearly $40,000 each year on travel! And what’s the harm in getting a good education from the comfort of your own home? Online tuition is actually less expensive, and you will be able to learn from some of the greatest teachers in the country.

Get Individual Attention: In a class of 100-200 students, you might be hesitant to ask questions about your subject. Due to time constraints and a large curriculum, it is impossible for a teacher to focus on each student in a class of 200 pupils.

Online tutoring is a helpful ally in this situation. If you go to an online tuition website, you’ll notice that they have some incredible features. Personalized classes, small groups (group study), or one-on-one classes will allow you to establish a connection with the teacher and ask questions that will be answered swiftly and without delay!

Increase Classroom Engagement: wedoedu, one of India’s leading Ed-Tech firms and online learning platforms, offers LIVE lessons (LIVE online tuition) in which students interact with teachers in real time. You can also evaluate the quality of instruction by watching these free learning videos created by some of the top teachers.

To make the class more engaging, you can write on the interactive whiteboard and ask questions. Due to the high number of pupils in a regular classroom, however, the degree of involvement is lower.

Self-discipline: Online tutoring is a good approach to learn because it forces you to think about what you’re going to study and ask questions in class. As a result, you must prepare ahead of time to ensure that the arguments and doubts you wish to discuss are addressed.

Write Tests & Assignments: If you think there won’t be any tests, you’re mistaken! You can take examinations prepared by the top teachers in online tuition, and you can only receive this information from a trusted and well-known online tuition website. The teachers will assess your strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations on how to improve them. Not only that, but you’ll be competing against the top minds in the country!

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