Exam Instructions

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Exam Instructions

  • This is a Micro Scholarship Exam where you can Participate, Learn and Earn.
  • Every month you can get monthly of rs. 1000/- as a Scholarship Amount.
  • Micro Scholarship Exam is divided in 20 Quizzes.
  • 20 Quizzes is based on 5 subjects i.e. Math, Science, Social Science, English and Hindi.
  • Each Subject has 4 topic in every month for Quizzes.
  • In every topic there is MCQ based 10 Questions.
  • For every question 1 min time will be allotted.

Total Duration 10 min

If a Student get 8 and more than 8+ marks in quizzes then he/she will be awarded as 50/- rs as Scholarship.
Every month 20 quizzes will be allotted so a student can win 1000/- rs scholarship easily.
Retake option- If a student get below 8 marks then he/she has one another chance to participate and prepare.
When you participate in quizzes then your mobile/laptop’s camera will be requested for permission.
At the time of quiz, Camera will be switched on for cheating prevention.

KYC Submit

  • Kyc is more important for your scholarship and report card.
  • You have to submit your documents for verification.
  • Aadhar front and Back, School ID card, one photo.
  • KYC is a one-time process. After submit it will take 24 hours for approval.

Quiz Approval

  • When you submit your quiz then it will take some time to approve your quiz.
  • Approval process for cheating prevention and better result.
  • Once approved your scholarship amount is approved.

Be Careful

  • At quiz time do not allow anyone to help.
  • Do not allow to show another face in front of camera.
  • Don’t make a noise.