About Us

Best learning solution for all students

Wedo-edu A learning cum scholarship platform tends to be a revolution in the sector of digital education. Vikrant jaiswal, the founder of Wedo-edu had a vision of providing every children of India, a ‘one stop education solution’ platform. Where anyone and everyone can have access to the quality education at a rate which can be afforded by everyone.

The impact of covid-19 pandemic has collapsed the whole education system and world has shifted to the digitalization of education. This has shown that the knowledge of technology and its use in education has now been a necessity. And hence, its our prime duty to provide our children a platform where they can easily get access to everything to cope up with the world with better learning experience.

Wedo-edu emerged as a solution to these problems and the organisations like ‘sri aurobindo society’ and ‘paytm’ gave their helping hands to make it possible and reach every section of society as much as possible. Wedo-edu has successfully started its journey of changing the education world and more than 1.5 lakh students have been benefited with its scholarship programs. Wedo-edu is determined to change the lives of every student and give them a better and successful future.